Think CSR & Think Goa 2022

Tefla's is indeed very delighted to present the 14th Edition of “THINK CSR” & "THINK Goa" scheduled on 18th December 2022 at Novotel Resort Dona Sylvia, Goa

THINK FOUNDATION is the principal host for this event. The forum will bring forward the experiences of CSR practitioners, CEOs and sustainability experts to give business rationale for an integrated CSR approach. This forum will provide specific case studies of strategic initiatives which have enhanced business competitiveness and cultivated brand loyalty for the built-up communities. The forum brings together Corporate, CSR foundations, Government Agencies, NGOs, Social Businesses and Advisory firms to network, collaborate and expand the CSR initiatives for the development of the Nation.

Goa embodies the spirit of India. It is home to holy rivers, important religious sites, ancient cities full of wonder and wisdom. It tells us of an India that is rooted in ancient tales, an India whose history is rich and anointed with numerous glories. It speaks of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and everything mystical.

Think Goa is an initiative by Tefla's to spearhead systems & processes to catapult Goa to higher growth orbit by promoting business through investment, technology infusion & trade promotion & honouring excellence in art, literature, culture, education, environment & health.

As a part of Think CSR initiative we will honour the companies for their excellence in CSR activities, during Think Goa Leadership Awards, we will recognize and felicitate organizations & individuals who have worked hard to put Goa in the forefront of social, educational, cultural and economic prosperity.


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Why choose Us?

Objectives of Think CSR

To showcase Corporate Innovation in CSR

To promote new thinking and standards that CSR is a business strategy and not philanthropy

To highlight the various innovative initiatives taken up as well as the best practices adopted in CSR by the Corporate.

To Promote CSR as a key business strategy in addressing the needs and problems of the communities

To build a network of CSR practitioners create awareness of the latest thinking on CSR

To discuss the existing practices and future prospects of Corporate Social Responsibility in a globalized economy.

To highlight the 'Best Practices in CSR in the context of business sustainability.

To discuss implementation models and structures that can be used in all sectors of industry.

Effective Planning

Key Reasons to Attend

Inspirational Knowledge Sessions with distinguished Speakers.

Strengthening CSR Ecosystem in India for Sustainable Impact

Network with Eminent Industry Experts & Organizations

Discover how Good CSR & Sustainability can enhance our lives.

High quality case studies and discussions

Why choose Us?

Who Should Attend

Business leaders, Regulators, Directors of Companies to gain valuable insights into emerging trends and issues concerning Business sustainability

CSR Heads, CSR committee members seeking creative and innovative models in relation to Business sustainability.

Public sector undertakings ( PSUs)

Compliance Managers

Civil society groups, Development sector organizations to explore partnership opportunities with industries

Fundraisers seeking clarity of issues and trends relating to CSR

CSR consultants for networking and partnerships

Academicians, Researchers to share their perspectives concerning challenges with leading businesses and their collaboration with implementing agencies and other stakeholders